One response to “We Are Not Your Props”

  1. Vicky

    When Jody wrote a piece for the Independent I saw this attitude at work in the comment threads. A commenter from America wrote, “Leave it the liberals in England to wheel out a CP guy…” as though the article weren’t first-person, as though Jody were merely a puppet who had been taken out of a box of circus tricks specially for this occasion. It happens across the length and breadth of the political spectrum, and it can affect any person from a distinct minority group, not just disabled people. A few years ago a hijab-wearing Pakistani Muslim friend of mine expressed her reservations about feminism. (She’s fine with it in theory, but she feels that in practice it has marginalised women from certain communities, including her own.) The mutual friend whom she was talking to, who prides herself on her progressive views, told her, “You think that because you’ve grown up in a patriarchal society and you don’t know any different.” Her exact words. Wheelchair, hijab, a particular ethnic heritage – anything visible in that way can quickly be turned into a symbol, used either to market or disparage a particular set of views.
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