Signal Boost: The Netherlands: ‘Diversity in Quality of Life’ Conference

Disability Studies in Nederland and VU University Amsterdam have the pleasure of inviting you to the International Disability Studies Conference to be held around World Disability Day:

Conference: ‘Diversity in Quality of Life’

Date: December 2-4, 2010

Location: VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Disability Studies in Nederland and the start of its research program an international conference will be held from 2 till 4 December in the VU University, The Netherlands.

The conference will be held in cooperation with VU University and will focus on a key concept in mainstream academic approaches to disability, namely ‘quality of life’. It raises the question of how this concept can be used in a disability studies perspective.

One of the basic principles of the disability studies approach is to enable people with disabilities to tell their own story. This principle is meant to counteract the tendency in scientific approaches – whether in medicine, psychology, or sociology – to represent people with disabilities through the lense of impairment, need, or adaptation.

Having this principle in mind, this conference will bring together two types of reflections:

– One the hand presentations about (aspects of) quality of life from particular perspectives (e.g. young adults with visual impairments; developmental disabilities; deaf persons; or regional ‘reports’: Indonesia, South Africa).

– On the other hand presentations regarding the study of Quality of Life (e.g. predicting the relationship between social participation and QoL; conceptual comparison of methodological issues; QoL, intellectual disabilities and cultural differences).

The conference will bring together about 200 people from various communities and nationalities. We aim to build bridges between the world of science, education and people with disabilities and their organisations.

We are happy to announce keynote speakers: Lennard Davis, Adrienne Asch, Maya Thomas, Jackie Leach Scully, Hans Reinders, and Anja Hiddinga .

You can get more information about the programme and how to register on the conference’s website!

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