2 responses to “A Victory for Deinstitutionalisation in Georgia”

  1. Astrid

    This is a great accomplishment. Now I do hope people will not be abused in community care, because legislation is one thing, but it takes an attitude change to truly take the needs of PWD seriously without abusing them.

  2. Ali

    Two things:

    1. In the broader context of an awesome story, I have to admit I got a small thrill seeing autism casually grouped under the genetic disorders. I don’t think it could have happened even a year or two ago, and am incredibly happy that actual science is seeping into reporting that includes autism coverage.
    2. I am not surprised that Georgia had a culture of abuse in their institutions because, aside from the questionable nature of institutions themselves, I had the dubious honour of working with a man who had retired from the Georgia instiutional system. He had been a supervisory ward clerk sort there and was working in a Virginia acute inpatient for kids and teens with psychiatric issues when I knew him. Given his behaviour towards those kids and teens and towards his coworkers, I am not surprised at all. Thoroughly unpleasant.
    Ali´s last blog post ..far too sentimental to forget them