One response to “A Study in Contrasts: Accessibility and the California State Government”

  1. codeman38

    Something I’m curious about, on another accessibility-related note, is how many California DMV offices are accessible via transit, compared to Georgia.

    One of the biggest issues when the Georgia secretary of state began requiring state ID in order to vote was that the only place one could get a non-driver ID card was at the DMV offices– many of which, because there was an implicit assumption that only drivers would need to go there, are inaccessible via transit. Somebody realized the issues with this, and the state started making voter ID cards at the election registrars as well– but these IDs are specifically for voting, and still cannot be used as a general ID for other ID-required activities (banking, etc.).

    I never have understood why identification needs to be handled by the DMV. I guess because most people drive, so it’s sort of a “kill two birds with one stone” thing?