5 responses to “I Love Policy”

  1. Kate

    Yay policy! I’m super excited as a fellow wonk.

  2. notemily

    I just have to say that reading this whole thing and then seeing “Please abide by the comments policy” at the bottom cracked me up.

    I had my first run-in with ableist workplace policy today… or at least, my first since I knew what ableism was. The boss wants to crack down on cell phone use at work and is saying we can’t even have them with us while we’re working. I need mine with me because it reminds me when to take my pills. I wrote a note to her explaining that, so we’ll see what she says, I guess.

    Anyway, that was kind of a tangent, but I liked this post.

  3. Astrid

    Looking forward to your posts, abby jean. I love policy, too, although I focus mostly on Dutch policy since I live in the Netherlands. It would be interesting to compare notes here and there.

  4. sanabituranima

    :) I look forward to reading your posts on the subject.