10 responses to “But Really, It’s For Your Own Good…”

  1. sanabituranima

    *hugs* I am so sorry that this is happening to you and I wish I could help.

  2. kaninchenzero

    i’m told that it’s perfectly within the scope of medical ethics to not treat pain if it’s chronic. acute pain would get treated; chronic, no.

    the really fun part is the person telling me this is my new pain management doc. and oh my fuck the panic about seeming like i’m drug-seeking. fucking hate physicians, OYD. i really really do.

  3. Shiyiya

    Stabbity rage on your behalf :( (And on k0s.)

    Why are there so many TERRIBLE DOCTORS? The nurse practitioner at the new non-pediatrician place I’m going basically called me a hypochondriac for writing out a list of my symptoms so I wouldn’t forget to mention any. (And said that by looking up what might cause the symptoms and making a note of that too, I was IDENTIFYING WITH DISEASE and this would give me somatic symptoms.)

  4. Indigo Jo

    I can’t imagine why it’s not against medical ethics to refuse to treat chronic pain as it can be terribly disabling — I know of people with illnesses like RSD/CRPS and M.E. who would be doubled up in agony without pain relief (in many cases, morphine delivered with a syringe driver).

    Your last paragraph (about notes signed by doctors who’ve never met the patient) reminded me of the two psychiatrists who, two decades after an outbreak of enteroviral M.E. in a London hospital, published a paper claiming the disease was nothing but hysteria, which became the basis for all the “all in the mind” nonsense which left a huge trail of devastated lives from the 1980s onwards, and the two men never met a single one of the patients although several of them were still alive (and still ill).

  5. Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. It’s so terribly unjust.

  6. Shannon Hascall-Reyes

    I can’t believe this, big sis! Doctors are supposed to take a hipocratic oath to try to diagnose and help people in any way they can–they aren’t supposed to make judgements on a person.

    But this isn’t a perfect world. And there will always be ridiculous, stupid doctors out there who think they know best. Lemme tell you. I shoulda become a doctor instead…

  7. PharaohKatt

    D’: is all I can really say.
    How horrible.

  8. Sharon Wachsler

    I am so ANGRY on your behalf. If I had written this post, I think every other word would have been “fuck,” in caps.

    As someone who also lives with disabling chronic pain, reading these stories causes me a combination of rage, fear, and sadness.

    I am so so so so lucky that I have my two main docs now who have known me so long (one 10 years, one 15) and who try their best to treat my pain, after I tried to go to “pain specialists” and was treated as either a criminial or “crazy.” (“Have you tried relaxing? Deep breathing? Exercise? Tell me all the intimate personal details of your entire life so I can figure out why you *think* you’re in pain.”)

    But at the beginning of my relationship with my now 10-year-doc, a (now former) “friend” stole most of my meds for recreational purposes, and my doc wouldn’t refill. That was a panicky time. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It’s such bull!

  9. Quijotesca

    I’m dealing with some back pain issues that are usually written off as anxiety. There’s probably an extent to which that’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s quite that simple. Even if it were, I don’t see how dealing clinic that can’t seem to get prescriptions filled in less than 5 days is supposed to help that. Hell, not that long ago, they kept me waiting for two weeks waiting for antidepressants. Seriously. Fortunately, I was on top of that and had a week’s worth before I submitted the refill request and the pharmacy was nice enough to loan me pills until that got sorted out. The problem is, the pharmacy has strict rules about what they will and won’t loan like that so I’ve been stuck for four days without muscle relaxers and naturally, the stress has caused me to tense up pretty bad. I nagged them twice last week, but the clinic is part of a chain that has a convoluted phone system and I think I’ve talked to an actual person all of one time. Generally, I get a call back, but I wasn’t so lucky now.

    Somebody’s getting an earful on Monday.

  10. Meg

    I wish there was anyone in the political scheme who seemed to want to make it easier to get medications. Instead it keeps getting harder, with more hurdles put in place. Maybe if they called them “pain relief” instead of “controlled substances” doctors would remember what these are for in the first place.