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Body Image & Disability: An Entry Into The Conversation

People with disabilities, especially women, have all the same pressures currently non-disabled people do to look “good enough”, with added bonus of being either non-sexualised or hyper-sexualised, as well as having people infantize them to an incredible degree.

Recommended Reading for Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today’s Recommended Reading is focusing on Service Animals!

Weekly Events Round Up

As always, these events are things that I come across in my travels through the internet, and are not endorsed by us, nor can we answer any questions about them. Protests (UK) – US Conferences & Events – UK Events & Conferences Protests: Join us to protest at the Tory Party Conference – Birmingham, England, […]

Signal Boost: Call for Evidence of Disability-Related Harassment (UK)

Call for Evidence! The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is conducting a public inquiry into disability-related harassment. The Inquiry includes bullying and hate crime and the harassment of disabled people, their families, friends or associates. We want to hear from anyone who has been bullied or harassed for disability related reasons, and from organisations […]

John Stossel Wants YOU! To Be Afraid of the ADA

Not being from the US, I had this idea in my head that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must be awesome. I mean, come on! It’s been 20 years now! Ramps to every building, disability friendly policies, accessible washrooms in every hotel lobby! I get all starry-eyed just thinking about it.

People with disabilities who have actually been in the US are probably either rolling their eyes or giggling at my naivety.

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