2 responses to “So, When Will You Have the Money?”

  1. NTE

    Gah: I hadn’t heard that NJ was trying to claim the ADA was unconstitutional… how frightening. I just “love” the states rights defense, and how often it comes up for things that they don’t want to have to do. (But I can’t recall a case where states rights have been brought up when there is federal funding being given out – odd, isn’t it?) If we’re going to wait around for the states to have the money, then we’ll never get what we need/deserve, because they’ll find some place else to spend it. As history has unfortunately proven.

  2. Astrid

    Ah, the cost-effectiveness meme. Even though in the long run community -based care saves money, we’re told that we’re too expensive to live in the community. Gotta love that non-argument.