One response to “Recommended Reading for 26 August 2010”

  1. kaninchenzero

    And so the doctor’s determination not to lose a contest of wills undermines the opportunity to have successful discussions about treatment. The patient instantly senses that the doctor distrusts and dislikes him, and this, coupled with the patient’s lack of respect toward authority figures, leads to a rapidly deteriorating situation, often ending in a discharge against medical advice — much to the team’s relief.

    aside from the pronoun this describes exactly my last hospitalisation. it. ah. wasn’t productive. among other things they took all my books away stating their content was not conducive to mental healing and refused to produce a written policy stating they could do any such thing. they acted like i was a drug addict even though i had been sent there specifically to receive medical treatment for my chronic pain as well as psychiatric treatment. i kept having to repeat that i would not participate in any kind of faith-based activity. and yes i left against medical advice. they had me discharged with an almighty quickness.

    yeah i’m a difficult case. yeah i’m angry. but deal with it. that’s what y’all’s job is. and if i’m going to be in pain for the rest of my life — which i will — what exactly is the risk here if i’m taking opioid pain meds as prescribed?

    hate seethe hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt. i’ve been without pain meds for two months now. everyone tells me yes i should be getting treatment for it but no one wants to actually prescribe it. fucking evil shitbags.