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A cluster of five bubbles in varying shades of blue, slightly overlapping each other.For those of you who are savvy social media types, or if you are like me and lack the self-discipline to click the tab closed, you can now follow us on Facebook!

If you are a Facebook user I hope that you will check us out!

Check out Facebook’s FAQ for information on accessibility on Facebook, such as how to register using a screen reader (currently for the mobile version), and who to contact for troubleshooting with Facebook’s main site.

About Ouyang Dan

is an extremely proggy-liberal, formerly single mommy, Native American, invisibly disabled, U.S. Navy Veteran, social justice activist and aspiring freelance writer currently living in South Korea on Uncle Sam's dime. She has a super human tolerance for caffeine and chocolate and believes she should use those powers for good. She said should. She is not a concise person, and sometimes comes on a little aggressively in comments. Sometimes her right arm still twitches when military brass walks past her, but she would rather be reading YA Lit or pwning n00bs. She can be found being cliche about music, overthinking pop culture, and grumbling about whatever else suits her fancy at her personal website, random babble.... She also writes about military issues for Change.org's Women's Rights blog. If you have something interesting to say email her at ouyangdan [at] disabledfeminists [dot] com. Lawyers in Italy looking to hold lottery winnings in her bank account may wait longer for reply.

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