3 responses to “Following Up: Auggie on Covert Affairs”

  1. Chally


    The show’s going to start airing in Australia soon. In the ad I saw the other day, it was aaaaaall about Walker, nothing about Anderson. I thought immediately of your previous post. The ad did not bode well for the show. It’s like they’re not even trying.

  2. Sara

    I have to say, while I find Auggie to be hugely problematic, I don’t really have a problem with some of the specific things you brought up. As far as his role not being as big as Annie’s, I never really expected it to be–while he was promoted as costar instead of supporting, I figured that had more to do with Chris Gorham as a bankable TV star than the actual size of his role. I never expected it to be anything but the Annie Walker show. And his role does have precedent–Coworker/Handler Guy Who Conveniently Googles Things Over the Phone is pretty standard for exposition reasons on spy shows. It’s essentially the same role Vaughn played in the early years of Alias. I’m willing to give it a few more episodes before I start caring that he’s not doing anything.

    And the polygraph scene I thought hinted at a plot point that might actually be pretty cool. It seemed pretty clear to me that he wasn’t angry because he was blind, he was angry because he wasn’t let out into the field, which he thought he was perfectly capable of handling. I could see this potentially becoming a story about ableism in the workplace, which, if so, awesome. I know there is an upcoming episode where he does go out into the field, so I’m waiting for that to be my litmus test for how much this sucks.

    Again, it’s not like I’m defending the show as a whole, as there is all sorts of fuckery at play there (that PSA, ugh). I’m just defending these two minor things in particular. Perhaps I’m just feeling generous because I’ve been reading some Covert Affairs fanfic out of curiosity and boredom, and the show’s got nothing on the fanfic when it comes to ableist bullshit. My eyes actually hurt from rolling them.

  3. kate

    Since people always ask – here’s the IMDB of a legally blind actor: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2090461/

    I don’t think he auditioned for the role of Auggie, but interestingly enough, he tends to play sighted characters even though he’s legally blind.

    One source: (since IMDB doesn’t mention his blindness)