Solidarity: Disability Pride Parades

The city of Chicago has been holding a disability pride parade for seven years, and San Jose recently followed suit; they held a parade celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act last weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos from that parade online, but I did find other photos of disability pride events, so I thought we’d spend today having a little virtual parade!

There are two things in this world I adore more than almost all others: Hanging out with fellow people with disabilities, and parades. Having the two in one spot sounds absolutely super.

Speak Out: Dancers. An integrated dance troupe performs.

This is Momo Dance, an integrated dance group from Calgary, performing at a disability pride event in 2006.

Speak Out: Better service for seniors. Seniors with disabilities at a disability pride event. One person carries a sign saying 'better service in the community for seniors! keep our dreams alive'

Disabled seniors at the same event.

Louder and Prouder: A wheelchair user with a sign reading 'louder and prouder.'

Another disability pride event in Calgary, this time in 2009.

Promoting a new perspective on disability: People marching with a banner for an independent living centre. There's a wheelchair user, and at least one service animal.

Photos from the same event.

Disability Pride Parade '06 in Chicago: people with disabilities seated in colorful floats in a Chicago street.

Chicago, 2006.

Disabled & Proud! A person holds up a sign reading 'We have a disability, but we can work and do other things. We are people with great dreams to live in our own apartment and have an active life.'

Chicago, 2007.

A wheelchair user and a walker, both wearing matching cowboy hats and pink feather boas. The walker is wearing a gay pride flag as a cape.

Finally, these women are in the Brighton Gay Pride Parade; ’cause disability pride can show up anywhere! I adore their matching cowboy hats.

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