2 responses to “Deportation by Default: 152 of Immigration Detainees in the US Have Disabilities That Impair Their Understanding of Deportation Proceedings”

  1. kaninchenzero

    Due process in USian adversarial immigration proceedings is sorely lacking and the whole thing is a stain on our honour as a people. It’s not a judicial system, despite it having some of the trappings of a court and people who are called judges. It’s much more similar to extrajudicial arbitration[1] with its relaxed attitude towards evidence, the lack of a jury, the failure to guarantee representation, and the inability to appeal decisions. We treat immigrants, documented or undocumented, abominably badly, and aside from those of us who are descendants of First Nations folk or people who were brought here against their will all of us are descendants of immigrants. We have what we do because of genocide and blatant land theft and the breaking of every treaty made with the nations present when our ancestors arrived, because of exploited and underpaid labourers.

    The very least we can do is welcome those who want to come here rather than declaring the country closed — now. It is specially appalling when so much anti-immigrant sentiment is aimed against people who are largely First Nations descendants themselves and is most prevalent in areas of the US stol~ er, generously ceded to us by México after the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War.

    That people with disabilities facing deportation are not given adequate assistance and representation is disheartening but not surprising.

    [1] Fun and not entirely unrelated fact: All the ‘court’ shows on USian TV are actually binding arbitration; the litigants have to leave the USian judicial system (which is considerably more fair to all parties and behaves with much more respect) to appear on the show. I don’t know what kind of compensation these people are offered for the abuse and humiliation many receive from the ‘judge’ on these appalling spectacles but it’s not enough.

    Can y’all tell I really really really really really fucking hate these shows?
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  2. whatsername

    This is SO fucked up and SO important, thank you for writing about it!!!
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