Call for Papers: Disability And Media

Currents in the Mainstream – Where are we going?
22nd September, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Confirmed speakers include Dr Paul Darke1 and Deborah Williams 2.

Disability images of the 1980s and 1990s have received significant critical attention, but there has been little work to date on the development of disability imagery in the 2000s, especially in relation to new or changing representations of disability, disabled people’s participation within these processes, and the impacts of new media and changes in production, distribution and reception. This day conference aims to re-visit and re-evaluate the complex issues at stake in contemporary representations of disability and impairment from a variety of critical perspectives, investigating both continuities and new trends in representing disability. We encourage submissions (papers or otherwise) which examine how representation work is encouraged or circumscribed by questions of disability identity,funding, distribution and audiences. The conference will also reflect on the relationship between disability art and new disability imagery.

Topics may include:

  • disabled performers, directors and media workers
  • mainstream film with disability themes
  • mainstream television with disability themes
  • disabled people in media industries
  • the politicisation of disability images
  • ‘Post-disability’ genres
  • disability and comedy
  • disabled people and Reality TV/ documentary
  • gender, sexuality, ethnicity, the body
  • the non-disabled gaze

Proposals of approximately 200 words for a 20-30 minute presentation
should be sent to the organisers, Alison and Margaret at aw540[@] or MMontgomerie[@], by revised deadline of 30th July.

  1. Dr Paul A. Darke is an internationally respected academic, writer and cultural critic who has written and created extensively around the issue of identity and culture. He is also the originator of Normality Theory. As an artist Paul Darke is bringing, to various art forms, new insights and exciting concepts which challenge conventional views of both art and society.
  2. Deborah Williams – is a writer, theatre-maker, producer, digital composer and accredited coach with thirty years experience working across the sector as an artist, consultant and manager. She is an artist provocateur whose work is acknowledged as a catalyst for challenge and change in perceptions of disability and difference.

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