Signal Boost: Interview Subjects Needed in Phnom Penh

Ann Kwan is a master’s student ‘exploring the optimal combination of formal education and informal training that would best provide a young person with physical disabilities a fair chance at competing in the normal Cambodian job market.’ She’s looking particularly for people who can bring a gendered experience to the issue.

She tells me:

I will be using the NGO YODIFEE (Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment) as my primary case study, however hope that my findings will be applicable across the board to similar NGOs. As such, in general, I am interested in finding out different practices that have worked, how they might have been improved, whether they have allowed the youth in question to attain not only a reasonable self-sufficiency, but also self-confidence and hope for their future (at least similar to the average young person in Cambodia). Other areas that my research will cover include whether tertiary education for people with physical disabilities yield them the same opportunities as people without disabilities, whether it is a matter of infrastructural lack, knowledge lack or a general mind-set that makes non-sheltered employment less accessible to people with disabilities, and means through which these can be feasibly tackled.

Anyone who is available in Phnom Penh for interviews between 11 June and 16 June, or has resources you think might be helpful, can email her: kwan.ann818[@]gmail[.]com

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