Feasting the Eyes: Visual Art Created by Disabled Artists

This entry in our ongoing series of posts featuring works created by disabled artists is focused on visual artists.

A painting showing part of a golden koi, just one fin and part of the head. Leaves trail into the water around the fish and a series of ripples suggest movement.

‘Golden Koi’ was painted by Jeffrey L Salyers, a retired letter carrier with Parkinson’s Disease. You can read more about Jeffrey and see some of his work here.

A pen and ink drawing of a woman leaning over backwards, her back in an arch. Her hair and long skirts flow around her.

‘Lifted by the Wind’ is a pen and ink drawing by Heather Freeman of Fire Sea Studios. Heather also has a terrific blog where she writes about disability, art, and parenting.

A painting of a white chicken peering around to look at a human figure posed like a chicken, mouth open in a cry. Several chicks peck around the feet of both figures.

‘Self Portrait As Chicken’ is one in a series of intriguing pieces produced by Sunaura Taylor.

I’m also spending a lot of time lately at the Blind Photographers Flickr group, ‘for blind and otherwise visually-impaired photographers. How does having a different visual experience affect our photography?’

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s.e. smith is a recalcitrant, grumpy person with disabilities who enjoys riling people up, talking about language, tearing apart poor science reporting, and chasing cats around the house with squeaky mice in hand. Ou personal website can be found at this ain't livin'.

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  1. Thanks for this! I love Blind Photographers – their blog is great, for discussions of technical aspects and various artistic perspectives. !Rock That Disability! is another interesting Flickr group, really inclusive of who and what “counts” as disability.

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