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Recommended Reading for Thursday May 20 2010

“….” by mataikan, seen at binary canvas. Ghana News Agency – Mental Health System on the verge of collapse Dr Akwasi Osei, Chief Psychiatrist of the Ghana Health Service, on Monday said the mental health system would soon collapse if the Mental Health Bill was not passed to correct the abuses and injustices in mental […]

Jenny McCarthy & Autism Part III: Spokesperson

The way I see it, one of two things is true:

1. Jenny McCarthy cured her son of Autism.
2. Evan never had autism in the first place, but may have had another syndrome, or have been developmentally delayed and “caught up”.

In either case, Jenny McCarthy is not currently the mother of an autistic child.

Guest Post from RMJ: Ableist Word Profile: Crazy

Like every ism, ableism is absorbed through the culture on a more subconscious level, embedding itself in our language like a guerrilla force. Crazy is one of the most versatile and frequently used slurs, a
word used sometimes directly against persons with mental disabilities (PWMD), sometimes indirectly against persons with able privilege, sometimes descriptive and value-neutral, and sometimes in a superficially positive light.

Recommended Reading for May 17, 2010

Description: a large number of crutches of multiple sizes leaning against a wall. “Disabling Art”, by tomswift46, creative commons license. Childhood, Disability, and Public Space But adults with severe cognitive disabilities, like children and the elderly, often behave in ways that challenge non-disabled adults’ beliefs about how people should behave, particularly their beliefs about how […]

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