Come and Take A Spin With Me…

A mix of short and long today!

Aaron Piepszny and Spirit Synott perform to Ani DiFranco’s ’32 Flavors.’ This is a contemporary dance piece with a lot of movement and explorations of physical as well as emotional relationships. Aaron and Spirit work really well together!

Lisa Bufano performing an excerpt from ‘Five Open Mouths,’ also a modern piece. The full length version of this piece is also available if you’re interested in more.

Wheelchair breakdancing! Warning, this video is shaky.

Couples wheelchair dancing in Sweden at a freestyle combo competition.

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  1. These are awesome (especially the couples dancing). Thank you for posting them, and thank you for the shaky video warning. If only TV and movies came with that warning!

  2. I got to wandering Youtube after watching a couple of these, and stumbled upon She Without Arm, He Without Leg ( Have you seen it before? The honest acceptance of their bodies and the tenderness between the two dancers had me in tears.

  3. Thank you! Seeing videos like these posted here has encouraged me to wander through YouTube for more. Some of the ballroom videos have been really lovely.