2 responses to “Deaf and Hard of Hearing California State Employees Sue For Workplace Accommodations”

  1. ismith

    “How they would feel knowing that landlords, employers, and members of the public resent them for being a ‘nuisance’ and get angry with them when they sue to protect their supposedly federally guaranteed rights.”

    I’ve never taken it to the point of suing, but I’m always surprised when people take exception to the work I do on campus to make sure that ADA compliance is not completely ignored. “We passed the ADA, isn’t that enough for you people?” Well, not if you won’t follow it …

  2. Astrid

    I agree. Our disability rights legislation is passed bit for bit, but back in 2007 when I was in university, the part on higher educaiton had already been passed. I went to a progressive university wher eit comes to disability rights, but I was constantly met with the “it’s too difficult” trope when I requested accommodations. Apparently multiple disabilities are not disabilities, or something.