6 responses to “In Which Rape Makes Me Angry”

  1. Astrid

    This defnitely makes my jaw drop. This is so absurd. And yet, it is so real. Almost everyday, women with developmental disabilities are raped, and the major media hardly writes about it as a systemic problem.

  2. Amanda

    Somewhere between my first and third days in a mental institution, I froze up. Which my body does. In full view of the rest of the dayroom, someone sexually assaulted me. (Is it rape if they use their foot?)

    Later, when I was able to move again, another patient approached me in private and told me what had happened. She assumed I hadn’t noticed or understood just because I couldn’t talk at the time.

    Years later I told a teacher who knew the guy (I don’t remember his name, I’ll call him Mike) who had done it to me. Instead of, say, reporting the abuse to anyone (she was a mandated reporter), she… laughed. Said “Yeah, that’s Mike for ya.” The two times I was assaulted at school, she blamed me for sitting near the guys in question. Didn’t report that either.

    I never reported it again.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..What I mean by “beneath” words. =-.

  3. Politicalguineapig

    I’ve told some of my near and dears, that if they get raped, they should come to me, and I’ll deal with it. Police are useless even for dealing with assualt of able-bodied women. They won’t even try with disabled women.

  4. Anna

    Oh my gosh. Amanda, I’m so sorry.

  5. Kaitlyn

    God, Amanda. Sorry is so … inadequate, but it’s all we can say.

    A big problem is that so many people think rape is about sex when it’s not, it’s about power.

    Why is that so hard to understand?

    I read a pretty sex positive book and I almost threw it across the room when he was like… all rape is bad, but raping a nun is worse than a prostitute. (Yes, he.)

    My mom’s been working in the “special ed” classes for a long time, and even at the elementary level, there were times when she suspected that a girl was being molested at home, or even worse. And they report it, but no one does anything. They keep an eye on all weird stuff and… no one seems to care. Even the nurse, the administrators, the highly paid people in charge of their well-being. Makes me sick.

  6. QLH

    All of that “rape is about sex” and “rape is a compliment” and “she’s too ugly/fat/old/etc. to rape” stuff is bullshit. Bullshit. Rape is about rape. It’s about power and control and dominance. These women are more likely to be raped because they have fewer avenues to report what’s happened. They’re less likely to be heard, and if they are heard, people are still less likely to do anything about it.

    Sterilizing women so that the rape and sexual abuse can continue without causing an inconvenience like a pregnancy. It’s just one crime after another, against real people, real women. How the hell does anyone sleep at night?