5 responses to “Dancing With Gaga”

  1. Kaitlyn

    Ever since the first collection of ASL/ESL videos was posted, I was in love!

    I love the Bad Romance one, as it splits into 3 screens to get in everything. And the rising O was awesome.

  2. Andrea

    OMG. I cannot thank you enough for this post, it is making me so happy. Also it is really worthwhile to hit up zephyreros’s YouTube videos in general, because you cannot help but bounce along with him I swear.

  3. April

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been reading FWD Forward ever since it was featured on The Angry Black Woman, but this is the first time I’ve commented… I’m TAB so I’ve just been lurking and learning.

    I too have fallen in love with signed songs, though I don’t (yet?) know any sign languages. Anyway, here are some more Lady Gaga videos for those who are interested:

    Just Dance:
    in ASL
    , here are the lyrics in English.

    Telephone (with Beyonce): in MCE, in ASL, in BSL with subtitles, and here are the lyrics in English.

    Speechless: in ASL, here are the lyrics in English.

    LoveGame: in ASL (video possibly NSFW), here are the lyrics in English.

    Beautiful Dirty Rich: in ASL -I love this video but I don’t know how easy it is to understand the signing – so here is another calmer ASL video, though I don’t think their faces are as expressive as in the first video; here are the lyrics in English.

    One last one, which is actually d/Deaf karake (ie, it doesn’t have the lyrics playing) is of Monster, with the English lyrics (I hope these are the right ones!) here.

    I hope you enjoy them, and that the html stuff all turns out ok :)

  4. Anna

    I love that Telephone one, April. 😀

  5. whatsername

    I’ve been loving these posts and in this particular one I liked everyone but am just positively captivated by Lee, the BSL signer/singer! After looking through a bunch of his stuff was coming to post about the “Telephone” video too, because his performance is amazing. But looks like I was beaten to it! Oh well. I reiterate it’s awesomeness. :) Also, he does Green Day, which is pure win for me.