5 responses to “Go educate yourself (please!)”

  1. Ms. M

    What a super awesome post! It is full of WIN! :)

  2. Sweet Machine

    Annaham, this is such an awesome post–I will definitely be bookmarking it. Thank you.

  3. Katherine

    In case any truly well-meaning (instead of the “I want you to make me feel better about my -ist tendencies”) allies (of feminism, PoC, people with disablilities) wanting to learn come here and read this: Most of us started out this way. I started out this way pretty recently. Some blogs even have a reading list for those who want to learn. You don’t have to ask questions to learn (did you ask questions of your primary school teacher about why 2+2=4?)

    It isn’t hard to learn on your own, and if you really want to learn, it’s worth the time it will take. :)

  4. EAMD

    I also think the “I reaaalllllyy wanna learn!” attitude partially reflects a lack of understanding of the (depth of the) role of an ally. Yes, people often learn a lot about others as they work to be allies to a particular community, but equally importantly, allies learn a lot about themselves. And for the most part, this self-learning is a pretty uncomfortable process. Recognizing our own privilege, acknowledging and working to change ways we ourselves have of doing/saying/thinking things that are ____-ist, etc. can be really challenging. While I think a good ally recognizes (or tries to recognize) that that uncomfortable learning is good for hir allyship, I don’t think it’s something most people really look forward to or enjoy. So in addition to taking responsibility for our own learning, I think it’s important to consider just what it means to be allies. Because it’s not just about having fun doing a lot of research or getting chummy with people.

  5. Thea

    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out, and that I agree x100 that anti-racist work and disability work are not separate, independent entities but very connected, seeing how both people of colour and people with disabilities experience interlocking and overlapping oppressions…and experience similar pushback (grrr)…Thanks for linking us up (haha pun intended). Yeah solidarity!