Dance Party It All Again!

I can’t promise that this is going to be a regular feature, but I’m going to try, because I really enjoy dance and I’d like to share more dance that I love! I hope that y’all are enjoying these, and please feel free to email video tips to me for inclusion in future editions.

Roma Neupane from Nepal, performing a traditional dance.

Mr. Kenn Perry and Ms. Lisa Bently of American DanceWheels Foundation performing some ballroom.

Students at Bohol Deaf Academy dancing for the 31st Annual National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.

A bonus link (because embedding is not an option): Andrea Dumbeck and Stefan Volkmann performing ‘Soul of Dance,’ a supercool modern piece.

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s.e. smith is a recalcitrant, grumpy person with disabilities who enjoys riling people up, talking about language, tearing apart poor science reporting, and chasing cats around the house with squeaky mice in hand. Ou personal website can be found at this ain't livin'.

2 thoughts on “Dance Party It All Again!

  1. I really liked the bonus link. Also, if you haven’t heard of it, you might be interested in the GIMP project. An internet acquaintance of mine is understudying for it!

  2. Hi and thanks for these links, great stuff. Perhaps you could direct me to some other wheelchair dance duos where the woman is in the chair? I was tossing around my response to the gendering, especially of the DanceWheels segment and how much better the ‘Soul of Dance’ clip sat with me.

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