Recommended Reading for Friday, 26 March

I simply couldn’t bear to think of y’all languishing without Recommended Reading today, so I’m filling in for Anna.

Los Angeles Times: LAPD shooting of autistic man demands policy review, ACLU says

“We urge the LAPD to go beyond a one-time investigation examining the conduct of the officers, and take a broader look at changes in department policy and training that could help prevent such a tragedy from recurring,” she said.

An update on the Los Angeles Police Department shooting of an unarmed man with autism which Chally wrote about recently.

Calitics: What’s next: Blackwater home visits? (via abby jean)

Without any authority from the Legislature, the Schwarzenegger Administration is planning to purchase up to $5 million worth of military/security cameras to take pictures of the 465,000 seniors and people with disabilities who receive In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) homecare.

USA Today: China’s theme park for dwarfs stirs criticism from disabled rights groups

The founder of a controversial theme park — the Little People’s Kingdom that employs more than 100 dwarfs for skits and spoofs — says he wants to expand the project even as some disabled rights groups slam the entire park as demeaning.

nacbrie: Disability-positive activities for fundraising (via the Dreamwidth Disability Community)

He would like to do a fundraising day next year, to raise money for the student disabilities service. The student disabilities service is responsible, not only for providing services for students with disabilities (free printing and photocopying, special computer rooms with height-adjustable computer desks and assistive learning technologies, etc), but also for providing physical accessibility for the whole campus.

Guttmacher Institute: New Study Finds 70% Reduction in Maternal Deaths and Nearly 50% Decline in Newborn Deaths are Within Reach

…research shows that 215 million women who want to avoid pregnancy are not using an effective method of contraception, and only about half of the 123 million women who give birth each year receive the antenatal, delivery and newborn care they need. Millions of those with major complications get no treatment and either die or suffer from severe and debilitating conditions such as obstetric fistula.

ETA: Bonus link which popped up in my RSS:

Racialicious: Friday Announcements: Imagine 2042; Ethnicity and Use of the Mental Health Act; Alston Bannerman Sabbaticals for Activists of Color

The latest data published on use of the Mental Health Act in England for 2008 / 2009 from the Mental Health Minimum Data Set shows that the rates of detention via the Mental Health Act have increased steeply (The NHS Information Office 2009).

Details on a conference being held on 24 May to discuss the implications of these data.

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