Videos: Dance Party!

This weekend I saw a pretty amazing display of Irish dancing, which led me to this video of Nikoline, a Croatian integrated dance troupe, doing some Irish dancing:

Sorry that the video quality here is not the best!

Then I found Aubree Marchione and Nick Scott dancing samba:

And a hip hop wheelchair dance routine, featuring a solo (and alas unnamed!) dancer, Auti Angel (thanks for her name, anjak-j!):

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7 thoughts on “Videos: Dance Party!

  1. The dancer in the last video looks like Auti Angel – one half of the dance crew Colours n’ Motion. She has some other videos up on Youtube.

  2. In the third video, in the hip-hop dance, those were some wheels!

    In the first video, the Irish dancers worked together.

    It made me think of Princess Diana and how she would swing the wheelchair around to her, according to the Tina Brown biography (2007).

    The samba is probably the best made of the three as a video. Marchione and Scott really seem in touch.

    I’ll have more of a look at 2B Industries.

  3. Yeah, that is Auti in the last video. She teaches hip-hop dancing at an adaptive sports camp I went to as a child (and was a counselor at last year).

  4. Sara – Auti was one of the first names I came across when I was looking at wheelchair dancing videos on Youtube to help with deciding if it was something I’d want to take up myself. She has such great expression as a dancer.

    meloukhia – t’Internet is all-knowing… =D

    I enjoyed all of these. I did find one Anna posted a couple of weeks ago awesome too – Pairs Figure Skating with the man using a wheelchair:

  5. What a great collection! The samba video is amazing – not only are both of those dancers incredible, but they have such fantastic chemistry and play off one another so well. I think that’s what’s lacking in the first video; I know that Irish dancing is a different style, but I would have liked to see more integration of the five dancers together.

    And Auti Angel has blown my MIND. I’ma be sitting in front of the mirror tonight trying that string-pull move.

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