Quick Hit: 2010 Paralympic Games

The 2010 Paralympic Games are underway in Vancouver!

Liudmila Vauchok of Belarus reacts after crossing the finish to win the gold during the women's 10km cross-country at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Whistler, British Columbia, March 14, 2010.

This Reuters image shows Liudmila Vauchok of Belarus crossing the finish line to win the women’s 10 kilometre cross country. I love that grin.

Canada's Collette Bourgonje celebrates after she won silver during the women's 10km cross-country at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Whistler, British Columbia, March 14, 2010. This was Canada's first medal of the games.

Another Reuters photo, of Canadian athlete Collette Bourgonje, the silver medalist in the women’s 10 kilometre cross country.

Are there any athletes and/or events you’re following? I’m personally very into wheelchair curling, and I believe Lauredhel recently dropped a link to a wheelchair curling blog, for those who’d like more information.

Related reading1 for those who’d like to delve into some of the social justice issues associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games:

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David Crary at The Irrawaddy: Vancouver’s Asians Feel Neglected by Olympic Hosts (via Racialicious)

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Vancouver Poverty Olympics

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On the Paralympics specifically:

Peter McKnight at the Vancouver Sun: Should there be one Games for all?

Ali A. Rizvi at the Huffington Post: Vancouver 2010: It’s Not Over Yet! (You will want to grab a bingo card for this one.)

Douglas Todd at the Vancouver Sun: Accommodations for disabled have taken root

  1. Note: these articles focus mainly on the Olympics rather than the Paralympics, but the issues they address pertain to both Games.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: 2010 Paralympic Games

  1. The BBC aren’t showing it 🙁
    Apparently they’ll have one hour after it’s over!
    I haven’t had a response to my complaint either.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Dear BBC, =-.

  2. No, im not following the Paralympics or the Enabled Olympics, except to vehemently protest them. The Paralympics feed from the same trough that made way for the Enabled Olympics: brutal, ongoing funding cuts to PWD across the board — healthcare, welfare and PWD benefits, housing, education, arts, etc cuts which are having devastating impacts on PWD, for starters. The Paralympics are a part of the problem here in Vancouver for PWD, not cause for celebration.

  3. I was upset I couldn’t watch the Paralympics on the BBC. Was also not impressed with the Summer Paralympics coverage in 2008, which were shown on the BBC.


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