Quick Hit: The Food Police Are In My Asparagus!

I am a huge asparagus fan, which means that, yes, I am unspeakably excited about the fact that it is asparagus season and yes, the rumours are true, I did eat a pound of asparagus on Monday, another pound on Tuesday, and I am about to go eat another 3/4 of a pound.

When I went to grab some asparagus from the fridge, I pulled the tag off and did a double take:

The tag which was attached to a bundle of asparagus, photographed on top of said asparagus. Text on the tag reads: 'Healthy, Sensible Food Practices: Always wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. Health Professionals recommend that you eat least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Distributed by The Nunes Co. Inc Salinas, CA 93902 Produce of USA For more information 1-800-695-5012 www.foxy.com'

Seriously, can’t a person eat asparagus these days without being lectured about needing to eat “five a day”?!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Hit: The Food Police Are In My Asparagus!

  1. I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!

    (When I first saw that in a Far Side collection, I was so shocked my mom had it – they used the word cuss!)

    I’ve got a bag of clementines in the fridge (with only 2 or 3 left) and store brand orange juice. I don’t read the stuff, I just make sure that they haven’t expired or registered for classes.

    But if you’re buying asparagus, surely you’re going to eat it? Along with other fruits and vegs? Or maybe it’s for people who buy it for show and then toss it before it grows hair.

  2. Maybe it’s for the people who don’t know about five a day? I have family who don’t eat five a week, never mind per day.

  3. I saw something similar on bananas a while ago. Yes, bananas are healthy, and potassium and all that, but I just wanted a banana because they’re tasty. If they put the number of grams of carbohydrates in a banana, that might actually be useful for people with diabetes or some other reason to need the exact nutritional information.

  4. Hsofia: Do you think that not knowing that people supposedly “should” eat five-a-day (or whatever your country’s guidelines are; they differ) is the only barrier for PWD eating five fruits and vegetables a day?

  5. @lauredhel – No, but I’m pretty sure this is part of a larger public awareness campaign. (In addition to being a marketing piece … most fresh produce has no real labeling or packaging, so this might be one way to “sell” it a little bit better.)

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