QuickPress: Asian Women’s Carnival!

Went up on the 15th.

asian women blog carnival #5: who i am when i’m (not) with you

One of the big things for me in presenting as an Asian woman is that when I think of my identity, and of my performativity, I don’t think ‘Asian,’ I think ‘Chinese’ and I think ‘Malaysian’ and I think ‘mixed-race’ and I think ‘Caucasian.’ So when I was compiling these amazing posts by these great Asian women, I thought about indicating their ethnicities – just about every one of them mentions their ethnicity in their posts (myself included). But part of performativity is choosing how we represent our identities, and our ethnicities. This edition of the carnival is, after all, about how we choose to present as Asian women. So instead of describing the posts, for the most part, I’ve simply excerpted from them.

We are who we are, but we’re not always how you see us.