Quick Bug Note

For all of you who subscribe to comments via email: Thanks to a reader who emailed us to let us know, we are aware that the “manage subscriptions” page where you are supposed to be able to manage your email subscriptions is all borky (unless black on black is your thing). We are working on it and will hopefully have things in a more legible state soon.

We *always* appreciate reader emails about bugs and accessibility issues, and please consider this post an open thread for bringing up any bugs/accessibility problems/requests!

9 thoughts on “Quick Bug Note

  1. *waves* I’ve done a quick and dirty fix to give the text a white background that works for me in Firefox and IE8. I’ll come back soon and sort out why it’s sitting in the header area instead of in the expected position on a page.

  2. Thank you, Viv! You are, as always, luvverly with sprinkles on top.

    Edited to remove something which did not make sense once I realized I was responding to a comment which was actually left on a different post and had nothing to do with what I thought it did.

  3. The RSS feed (at least where I’m reading it, through Dreamwidth) often has gratuitous special characters. It’s not a big deal for me since I usually click through to read comments anyway, but it might be for others. I suspect it may be a side effect of some people (it’s not every post) composing posts in Word and then copypasting, but I’m not sure.

  4. I’ve taken a gander at the DW feed and I see them as well; they do indeed look like artifacts from a word processing program. But…they aren’t present in our source, so I think something is getting translated funny between our feed and DW (the LiveJournal Feed, for example, as well as feeds in readers, are not displaying those weird characters). Seems to be related to quote marks/spacing?

  5. My Bloglines hasn’t had any of your posts since Jan. 18th; I guess the RSS hasn’t been working since your site was down for a while.

  6. Meloukhia,

    Thanks, that worked. (I’ve been slowly catching up with the posts I missed.) The “subscribe” link in the header works, but the orange dingbat in the Firefox address bar doesn’t; I guess that’s because you’re using Feedburner?

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