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Y’all just can’t keep the awesome contained.

Here’s Kaz, on “Disabled Sexuality and Disempowerment Through Fetishization“:

I am not your cheeseburger, okay. (Read the rest, it’s terrific.)

Lis, on “Guest Post: Sex and Scoliosis

This made me laugh. My scoliosis is very minor, but I have three fingers on one hand; when somebody asks if I’ve noticed, I say innocently, “What, there’s something wrong with my hands?” and lift them up so I can glance at them, ‘notice’ the deformed hand, and shriek in horror. (Read the rest.)

sanabituranima, on “Guest Post: Cerebral Palsy Humor? Not so much.

“all I want for Christmas is a cure.”

All I want for Christmas is an end to nonesense like that.

Plus a new cake tin would be nice.

romham, on “Ableist Word Profile: Wheelchair Bound

i especially love it when people say (way more often than i care to say) that “wheelchairs are welcome at this event!” or “unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot access the space”, as though its just a wheelchair, no person, rolling into the room LOL. (Read the rest.)

Kaitlyn,on “Guest Post: To Whom It May Concern“:

thetroubles – I’ll only be someone’s inspiration for a speaking fee with 4-5 figures. Inspiration doesn’t come cheap.

One of these comments caused me to laugh so hard I aspirated some pudding.

It’s ok, though. It was good pudding.

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  1. I have to say, we have great commenters on this site. I always read the comments just as much as the posts, because I learn something new from one of the commenters every time. Plus, there are those hysterical sentences slipped in! 🙂

  2. Those comments are brilliant.