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Y’all just can’t keep the awesome contained.

Here’s Kaz, on “Disabled Sexuality and Disempowerment Through Fetishization“:

I am not your cheeseburger, okay. (Read the rest, it’s terrific.)

Lis, on “Guest Post: Sex and Scoliosis

This made me laugh. My scoliosis is very minor, but I have three fingers on one hand; when somebody asks if I’ve noticed, I say innocently, “What, there’s something wrong with my hands?” and lift them up so I can glance at them, ‘notice’ the deformed hand, and shriek in horror. (Read the rest.)

sanabituranima, on “Guest Post: Cerebral Palsy Humor? Not so much.

“all I want for Christmas is a cure.”

All I want for Christmas is an end to nonesense like that.

Plus a new cake tin would be nice.

romham, on “Ableist Word Profile: Wheelchair Bound

i especially love it when people say (way more often than i care to say) that “wheelchairs are welcome at this event!” or “unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot access the space”, as though its just a wheelchair, no person, rolling into the room LOL. (Read the rest.)

Kaitlyn,on “Guest Post: To Whom It May Concern“:

thetroubles – I’ll only be someone’s inspiration for a speaking fee with 4-5 figures. Inspiration doesn’t come cheap.

One of these comments caused me to laugh so hard I aspirated some pudding.

It’s ok, though. It was good pudding.

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s.e. smith is a recalcitrant, grumpy person with disabilities who enjoys riling people up, talking about language, tearing apart poor science reporting, and chasing cats around the house with squeaky mice in hand. Ou personal website can be found at this ain't livin'.

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  1. I have to say, we have great commenters on this site. I always read the comments just as much as the posts, because I learn something new from one of the commenters every time. Plus, there are those hysterical sentences slipped in! 🙂

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