14 responses to “60th Disability Blog Carnival: Intersectionality”

  1. Erin

    Great links! Thanks so much for hosting the blog carnival :)

  2. Chally

    So much great reading, whatever will I do!?

  3. Lea

    Oh, so much to read! How ever will I keep up?

  4. K

    I absolutely LOVE that post about how “The Secret” is a crock of shit. I have been dealing with a girlfriend of an extended family member who 100% believes in that crap and feels the need to force everyone she knows to watch that movie (because she knows that we’re all “too lazy” to read, ugh). I get to see this lovely, lovely woman on Thanksgiving, so it’s been extra on my mind lately.

    She actually blamed my chronic migraines on “stress” (DUH) and eating non-organic food and having a non-alkali body. She also believes that all cancers are caused by “stress” and poor eating.

    She and her partner constantly preach the secret to the point where every single bad thing that happens to my partner, his siblings or myself is attributed to “negative” energy. If you talk about something enough, it’ll happen, etc. etc.

  5. abby jean

    K – maybe if you talk about her shutting up enough, it’ll happen? :) that sounds like a real drain.

  6. meloukhia

    There is so much goodness here that I am having to digest it in small chunks. I particularly liked Amanda’s post; it was a terrific lede, given the (optional) theme of the carnival.
    .-= meloukhia´s last blog ..Glee: Ballad =-.

  7. thetroubleis

    Wow, I loved it all and found great new blogs to read.

  8. Bri

    Awesome-ness in abundance!

    And Anna, it is Bri like brine not Bri like cheese! lol
    Thanks for asking!

  9. MomTFH

    I want to thank everyone int he online disability community for posts on intersectionality. I was in a public health class last night, and because of the experiences and feelings I have read from this community, I was aware and able to discuss disability intersections with two topics in one night. I discussed the nuance of prenatal diagnosis and the slippery slope of eugenics (and, on the other hand, how some people with a genetic condition like Huntington chorea may not be able to afford some types of prenatal diagnosis if they want it.) And, I talked about how being disabled may complicate an abusive relationship. I had to bat down some pretty knee jerk ableism from my professor “But, why would deaf parents want a deaf child? It will make his life difficult!”, how terrible Down syndrome is, and how the disabled are just as likely to abuse their caregivers by making them go to the store for them all the time (groan!).
    .-= MomTFH´s last blog ..Things that brighten my day =-.

  10. MomTFH

    Argh, typo. ..int he…should say “in the”

  11. Penny

    I’m twelfth to comment, but belated THANK YOU for this excellent edition of the carnival. Focused, diverse, substantial, surprising… all the best carnival stuff is right here.

  12. Ruth

    Thanks for this wonderful 60th (can’t believe it!) edition!

  13. Jo Tamar

    Thanks Anna!