Guest Blogging at Bitch Magazine!

Anna’s mentioned in our daily linkspams that several of our contributors are guest blogging at Bitch Magazine, but I think it’s worthy of a formal announcement, too; Anna, meloukhia, abby jean, amandaw, Lauredhel, Annaham, and Ouyang Dan are writing as the “Transcontinental Disability Choir” for eight weeks–our introductory post briefly discussed what we’re doing at Bitch, abby jean discussed ableism and ableist language, and meloukhia reviewed the latest episode of Glee, Wheels. (Anna will be covering this episode here at FWD/Forward in the next few days.)

You can subscribe to the feed of Bitch Blogs to keep up with the latest, connect on the Bitch Facebook Group, or check out the Transcontinental Disability Choir on Bitch.

We’d love to have you reading along and engaging in comments, although you should be aware that Bitch is not specifically designated as a safe space for people with disabilities. While we are, of course, moderating comments on our posts, the moderation policy there is much different from ours, which means that some of you may not feel comfortable engaging in comments, and that’s perfectly ok.

We also realize that the Bitch Magazine website is, alas, not accessible to all readers, and we apologize for that. We are excited about the opportunity to discuss disability and feminism with the Bitch audience, but we don’t want to leave anyone behind. If you cannot access the Bitch website and cannot/would prefer not to subscribe via RSS, please let us know, and we can email our Bitch posts to you.

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