Chatterday! Open Thread.

This is our weekly Chatterday! open thread. Use this open thread to talk amongst yourselves: feel free to share a link, have a vent, or spread some joy.

What have you been reading or watching lately (remembering spoiler warnings)? What are you proud of this week? What’s made your teeth itch? What’s going on in your part of the world?

Today’s Halloween candied chatterday backcloth comes via Epicute, a treasure trove of photographs of gorgeous cupcakes, candy, and other goodies. The accompanying text reads:

Why don’t they make medicines that look like this? Why?

three  soup spoons are filled with brightly coloured Japanese rock candy.

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  1. I think taking 8 pills every day would be less tiresome if they had little flowers and stuff on them. Perhaps the pictures could relate to what the meds do? Like, the ones I take to help me sleep could have a little owl on them, the ones for depression a rainbow.

  2. OM NOM NOM. I’m just afraid they aren’t for vegetarians. I always have trouble with meds because I refuse to take anything with gelatin in it.

    Also: Happy Reformation Day (yes, it’s a holiday where I live)! No Halloween for me, thank God, but I managed to forget to go grocery shopping yesterday and now I have to go to the station at noon, just like everybody else in my 250k city who forgot it. It’s going to be hell. I hate busy crowds. And crowds in general. On the bright side, this means sushi and Subway for dinner.

    Also, I just finished my first ever Yuletide letter! Hopefully I won’t scare whoever reads it with my lengthy monologue.

  3. That blog is PRECIOUS. Everything is made with such care!

    Today I began to think about all the stupid ableist things my dad has said to me and it made me so angry that I couldn’t sleep. (My current sleep schedule is such that I sleep through the afternoon… but today I stayed up until 9 pm.) So I made a list of things you shouldn’t say to a depressed person. It made me feel a little better.

    @MK: Omgyes! Someone needs to do that, for real. Is there some way to easily candy-coat pills?! *looks for info*
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  4. “Why don’t they make medicines that look like this? Why?”

    So children don’t eat them. There are genuine safety concerns about making medicines look too yummy or appetising, because it might encourage children to eat them (and eat lots of them). So while it would be possible to make a lot of medicines look like that, unless you can guarantee that everyone, everywhere, ever is sensible enough to follow advice like “keep out of reach and sight of children”, we’re stuck with the boring ones. And given that I can’t think of a situation where the entire human race becomes sensible overnight, it ain’t happening…

  5. I would so be happier to take meds if they looked like that.

    Speaking of meds, I FINALLY found a doctor who didn’t shrug off my giant daily doses of Aleve and is willing to treat my chronic daily, often debilitating, headaches! 😀 She wants to wait until after I see the psychiatrist next week for my anxiety in case he puts me on any meds–don’t want to risk nasty interactions. I am SO FILLED WITH GLEE.

  6. Mostly, I just want medicine that doesn’t make me sick. I’ve been throwing up for the past few days, and I think it might be because of the codeine. Which means it might be time to try yet another new painkiller.

  7. Adelaide Dupont: That’s strange, my Vit D tastes like nothing… Probably because they are gel minicaps. Makes them nice and easy to swallow, and if I poke them with a pin, gooey stuff comes out!
    Also, NaNoWriMo! Yay! This is the first year I’ve signed up. Have you singed up?

    Marge: Yes, there are genuine safety concerns. I still remember the time my youngest brother got into the fridge and drank a bottle of liquid panadole. Mum woke up to find him lying on the floor with congealed eyes and breathing strangely. It was quite scary. And this was medicine with a child-lock cap, stored in the highest part of the fridge 🙁
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  8. My 7 yr old may well expode if I don’t gather up the gumption to get showered and dressed and out of the house for Halloween fun. I can smell her patience burning off.

    She dressing as a sock-hop poodleskirt girl. From the grave. The last part was entirely her idea.

    Speaking of kids and meds, what’s really alarming is that most medicine-related poisonings of kids are from vitamins. They’re tasty and cute, and many people assume they’re innocuous. Not so in large amounts. Scary. My kid can reach my meds but not her vitamins. Of course, neither can I, so that’s Dad’s job.

  9. I’m off to a party that I’m sort of second-hand invited to, and will be happily genderbending as the Tenth Doctor!

    I really want a cupcake, right now.

  10. I am going to blame this on the executive function issues, but I just realised that I was thinking of participating in NaNo but somehow entirely missed the fact that it starts tomorrow. (I also forgot Halloween, but NaNo is ttly more important.) Probably for the best; I don’t think I’ll have the spoons to spare, and none of my possible-novel-ideas are *near* developed enough for this. I will try to write more than I usually do anyway, and maybe work on that darn WIP that has been lying abandoned since May.

    (As an aside, does anyone else think the NaNo attitude I’ve often heard expressed of “if you want to take part, you’ll be able to find the time!” is really damn ableist?)

    Anyway, I am not going to any parties because, you know, hypersensitivity to noise + social anxiety => parties = excruciating experiences I am not going to volunarily subject myself to, but I did wander about town earlier and wound up buying hot chocolate. I have cinnamon hot chocolate, people. With marshmallows. And little chocolate biscuity things. And I might wander out and buy Maltesers to dunk in it – or even whipped cream if I am feeling very extravagant. Conclusion: who needs parties? 🙂
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  11. Ugh, I hate Halloween. If I’m at home, I have to deal with [edited per comment policy to remove ableist language] dogs. (Our porchlight’s not on, but hey, bang on the door anyway! Our car? Why don’t you vandalize it!)

    At the dorm, ugh, last night (so called “mischief night” that I’ve only heard of online but apparently happens around here) there were “monster” noises and screaming until 2. (That’s when visiting hours are over and the guys leave.)

    So at 3, the fire alarm goes off.

    And then at 12 something (it’s Saturday, I was asleep).
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  12. There was ableist graffiti in one of our elevators this week – it’s gone now, probably not because it is mean, but because it’s writing.

    Basically, someone wrote next to the 2nd floor button – “Don’t push this.”

    And when I saw that, I was in the elevator with other people and they were like, yeah, that’s right. It’s only six steps, only a few people should take the elevator to the 2nd floor. (For the record, it’s 20 steps to the second floor, plus the walk to the stairway. Add in rain (this whole… month), and you get some slippery 20 steps.)

    I wish I had spoken up, but I’m glad it’s gone. How would I feel if I was exhausted, unsteady on my feet, and saw that on the elevator after waiting 5-10 minutes for it? Especially if I wasn’t alone on the elevator, and the other people were the “right” people to use it (higher floors)?
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  13. I was just thinking…”what about people coming down from higher floors?! Surely even ableist bigots have some sympathy for people who don’t want to walk from, say, floor 15 to the second floor, whether or not they have disabilities!” What an odd and sad graffito.

  14. Adelaide Dupont: Nature’s Life makes a vegan vitamin D softgel.

    softestbullet: I’m thinking sugarcoat the pills and draw on them with edible dye, perhaps using a toothpick?

  15. I dressed up for the first time in years—I was a tray of poutine. Food costumes are win. Now I have a lot of batting left over and am thinking of making a Prozac cushion. Seafoam green, creamy yellow, cylindrical…it could work!
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  16. You were a tray of poutine? That’s so awesome. 🙂

    I got dressed up for all of 15 minutes for halloween, then decided that any party that required me to spend a week trying to figure out how to get myself and Don there wasn’t worth going to. I feel kinda bad, but wow is Halifax not the place to try and get around when a wheelchair is involved.

    But, for a few magical moments, I was the bustiest Dread Pirate Captain Stripey Socks you’ve ever met.

    And now, off to grade first year midterms. I am sure they will be awesome. *hides*
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  17. …I had heard of poutine before but hadn’t realised what it actually was. *looks at the picture askance*

    Then again, I currently live in the country that invented the deep fried Mars bar so I *really* shouldn’t talk.

  18. *reads Wikipedia article*

    DEEP FRIED CADBURY CREME EGGS? It’s a really good thing I am on the other side of the ocean. Otherwise…you don’t even KNOW.

  19. Deep-fried butter was available at the Texas State Fair this year. Because eating plain ol’ fat (albeit delicious fat) isn’t enough. I admit to being intrigued rather than revolted. I reserved revolted for bacon ice cream.

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