10 responses to “Disability Is a Feminist Issue”

  1. Lauren

    Awesome post.

    Intersectionality is such an important aspect of any for oppression. Really, the understanding of intersectionality needs to be a key issue of any theoretical approach to one form of oppression because there is none that does not intersect with other forms.

  2. Chally

    This, this.

  3. softestbullet

    Seems pretty clear to me. :) Well said.

  4. softestbullet

    Also, way to go, your dad!
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  5. Tera

    A short, sweet and powerful primer. Awesome.

    Also, the CDC is really the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? I did not know that.
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  6. Anne

    AHHH, I cannot tell you how happy I am that this blog exists! Especially after reading this post. :)

  7. Knitting Clio

    Just heard about you all at “Our Bodies, Our Blog” and promoted it on my blog. Thanks for creating this blog!

  8. Lisa

    Great post!

  9. Julie

    How’s this for intersectionality – I am a red-headed, epileptic with a PhD in Philosophy!!